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Servo Voltage Drives

Servo systems consist of 4 most important additives — a Motor, a Drive, a Controller, and a Feedback tool with the latter typically an encoder. The controller determines what the motor have to do and then triggers the force to ship the necessary electrical power to the motor to make the specified circulate appear.

Servo drives can handle torque, speed, or position … even though in servo systems, the maximum common parameter managed is torque. There are numerous types of servo drives. A common variation is the torque-mode amplifier. These convert the command signal from the controller into a particular quantity of current to the motor. Due to the fact that Current is directly proportional to torque, the drive is controlling the amount of torque that the motor produces.

Remember the fact that servo-motor torque is without delay related to Current:

T = KT × I


T = Torque

KT = Motor constant

I = Current

The Controller collects information from the Feedback device and give the best voltage signals to the Drive.

The Drive sends the vital quantity of Current to the motor. This system of studying and responding to feedback makes the system closed loop … which is the defining function of a servo system.

One of the most essential gear for sizing a servo motor is its torque-speed curve. However often, the torque-speed curve is specific to a positive motor-drive combination.

Commonly used in the field of Robotics, Camera focus, Automation, and conveyor belt system, servo motors and drives are now used in every bit of machinery that requires precise position control. Schneider Electric India brings a wide range of servo drives and servo motors with a power range up to 24 kW for independent or synchronized motion control. Here is the technology that has revolutionized the industrial and manufacturing sector with commercial applications and machine control systems. The industrial sphere has become a much different sphere; it has eased lives and optimized manufacturing systems. In the end, the market sphere benefits with affordable services.