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SCADA System

SCADA and Energy Management Solution

SCADA stands for Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition. It is a type of software program application for process control. SCADA is a vital manage system which encompass controllers network interfaces, input/output, conversation equipments and software program. Scada systems are used to screen and control the equipments inside the industrial process which consist of production, manufacturing, development and fabrication.

Hardware Architecture:

The SCADA system categorized into two components:

Client layer
Data server layer

The Client layer which caters for the man device interplay.
The Data server layer which handles maximum of the process data activities.

The SCADA system performs the subsequent features:

Data Acquisitions
Data Communication
Information/Data presentation

Those features are carried out by means of sensors, Communication Network, RTUs and Controller. The sensors are used to acquire the important records and RTUs are used to send this records to controller and display the status of the machine. In keeping with the status of the system, the device components can get command by the user. The communication network perform this operation.

Our Integrated SCADA and Energy Management Solution package is a very cost-effective solution to monitor and control your application. Our Intelligent and advanced system provides complete solution for monitoring and management of energy in the industrial plants along with control and automation. All the required hardware and software for monitoring of energy are part of the system. The complete systems can be installed and configured based on user and application requirements. Multiple verticals like electric automation, process control, BMS, Fire & Safety along with Security can be integrated. Our solutions are well known for Oil & Gas, Power Transmission & Distribution, Alternative Energy Markets etc.

The entire end-to-end solution is offered as a package or depending on the requirement we provide standalone EMS and SCADA systems.


Power generation, transmission and distribution
Generators and Turbines
Water distribution and reservoir system
Traffic light control system
Public buildings like Electrical heating and Cooling system.


The Graphical and Mechanical information will be provided by the SCADA System.
The SCADA system can be expanded smoothly. We are able to add set of control units and sensors in keeping with the requirement.
The SCADA system potential to perform critical conditions.